Monday, November 22, 2010


Along with running, strength training, stretching and resting, EATING RIGHT is very very important. The book I've been reading the book 'Born to Run' which focuses on a tribe in the Barancas called the Tarahumara. They are the 'running people' and have tremendous strength and endurance. It seems (what I am getting from the book) that this is due to their pure love for running, their need to run (after animals or to get from one place to the next), their running gear (sandles) and how they eat!
The Tarahumara eat what most Americans would probably consider bland food. Their diet consists mostly of rice, corn tortilla, beans, pinole and fresh fruit and vegetables. Through eating this way they can run better than most Olympians and don't suffer the ailments of most western civilizations.
So while I am not converting to their diet 100%, I have been incorporating their ideas into my daily meals.

Above is one of my favorites. Whole grain pasta, fresh & lightly sauteed vegetables and some yummy tilapia fish. This and variations of this is a typical lunch for me ... or sometimes dinner depending on my day. 

In the chapter I was reading last night it talked about the idea of eating a salad for breakfast. The reason being that you can eat until you cant eat anymore and still go workout an hour later. You are getting the daily recommendation of veggies right from the get go and something I didn't consider: Vegetables are made up mostly of water, and what better way to rehydrate yourself after 8 hours in bed! So this morning I tried it (my own variation due to the lack of spinach) and this is what I ended up with: 

1/2 red pepper, 1/2 green pepper and some onion roasted for a few minutes with rosemary and garlic. I also added some frozen veggies (heated up of course) and had 1 slice of multi-grain toast with peanut butter. It was pretty good. I had that just about an hour ago and I feel that I would be able to workout now without any problems. Oooooh the art of eating!

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