Friday, April 29, 2011

Snakes, Bees and Coyotes, OH MY!!!

Yet another adventurous run with Pam yesterday. After we saw the snake at the beginning of the week and the coyote the week before I thought we had had our wild animal sightings for the year ... at least during our street runs. But no ... I was proven incorrect yesterday.

We were running along somewhere around 3.5 miles, and suddenly I heard buzzing around head so I looked up (I have a habit of looking down when I run), only to see 1000's - I am not exaggerating - bees!!! They covered the entire width of the bike path and were everywhere! All I could say was "Uh oh."
Pam thought I had seen another snake, but she looked up once I started slowly backing away from the swarm. I think Pam's words were something to the effect of, "Oh my God." and then she turned and moved away also. I really didnt want to get stung so once I thought I was away from the majority of the bees I turned around and ran a little bit.

We decided to cross the street and go around the swarm so we could at least finish our run. We warned the few people heading in that direction so that they could do they same. I had never seen anything like it! But my reaction was a lot more calm than I ever thought I could be in such a situation. I didnt scream, didnt wave my arms around to get them off of me, I just backed away slowly so as not to startle them. And thankfully my mouth was closed!

Then around mile 6 the coyote made a reappearance. He was not an adult coyote, but still a coyote none-the-less. Luckily there was a guy on a bike willing to go toward the wild animal making him go back into hiding. Pam and I quickly passed the area before he would have a chance to return. It is for this reason that I will not run that trail alone or with Brutus.

So another adventurous run to say the least! But I have gone for almost two years of running trails etc (especially in Los Alamos) without seeing any of these animals or anything else for that matter. So is it the area that I now live in? Is there a change occuring within the animal community? I am becoming afraid of solo runs due to all of these occurances. Hopefully it will be another long time before anything like this happens again!

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