Saturday, April 16, 2011

I keep getting sucked back into gymnastics!

I dont know how this keeps happening, but I keep landing myself back in some kind of gymnastics class. This time it had been about 1.5 years since I did any kind of gymnastics ... and I mean including little handstands and cartwheel ... seriously! Even forward rolls would make me dizzy. I honestly thought I was done doing any kind of gymnastics. I even got to the point of not touching the bars even when I was coaching due to my hands now being callus free and wonderfully soft :)

But a few weeks ago I was coaching my level 2's and was trying to explain a new move. I can usually get away with talking them through it, but one girl said, "show us." --- I thought about it for a few minutes, contemplating whether or not I might break a hip. --- I went for it. I did a lovely roundolf with a high flying rebound at the end ... and it felt good.

I then started to think about my upcoming trip to Ireland. Whenever I visit Ireland I always visit Cobra Gymnastics where I used to train as a tween. I was thinking, "Wow, wouldnt it be awesome if I could still do gymnastics when I visit." I guess I decided that the answer was yes, because for the past two weeks I have been participating in 'open gym' at the gym where I currently coach. Last week I just stretched and conditioned and did basic skill to get my body back into it ... and then couldnt move for three days. Last night I pushed through the psychological "there is no way I can do this" and got 80% of my tumbling back. I even surprised myself with a kip on bars (the first move every gymnast does to get from the floor onto the bars). It felt great! Though I am a little sore today.

Of course I have also still been running. I do have that 10 mile trail race in a month to train for! I figure that the gymnastics is helping with my upper body strength and core strength which is important. Though I need to make sure I dont get hurt! In the mean time, I am just having fun :)

Onwards and upwards my fellow runners and gymnasts!


  1. Hey Kirsty,

    That gymnastics sounds like fun. Like you said though, don't do anything that could get you hurt.

    BTW, have you been training on trails for the 10 mile race? I have done a lot of trail running and the one thing that distinguishes it from regular road running are the trip hazards you'll run into on the trail. One of my goals when a do a trail race is to not fall. So I would definitely get out on some trails that simulate the one you'll be running. It will make a huge difference and alsopay attention to the trail markers because it's easy to go off trail yourself or follow others who make the same mistake.

    Anyway, I hope this helps you. Good luck.

  2. Yep, I have been running trails :) I started running trails about a year ago before my first trail race ... and im hooked! --- I actually got lost on one trail race ... was pretty funny in hindsight ... but lesson learned I think! lol
    Thank you for the well wishes :)