Monday, January 10, 2011

Having a cold sucks really bad.

I have had a cold for the past 3 days now. The only reason the cold annoys me is because it comes with a chesty cough, meaning that I cannot run  :(   Luckily I haven't needed to miss work, but honestly, missing my work-outs is much more devastating. I am determined to hit the gym tomorrow fore perhaps some biking just so I can get moving again. I wouldn't launch into a full on workout, especially with the cold still very much in my system. So maybe just a 30 minute cardio session and an easy strength training session after work to get back into the swing of things.
So something has been bothering me lately. I was hoping that if I didn't talk about it, it would just go away and never come back. But that didn't happen. My right knee has been acting up. More specifically, the front center of the knee. Dare I say, my ACL? I hope not! I am hoping that the few days off have allowed this 'kink' to work its-self out and that when I return to the gym, it will be fine. But I must say that I am slightly worried. So to my running buddies ... have you experienced this? What did you do? Did it go away by its self?

Onwards and upwards ... hopefully!

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  1. I wonder if doing a stretching type workout like pilates might help?