Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fighting for every last second!

Awesome 5k run today. It was a little chilly to start off, but the sun was shining and it wasn't long before I was nice and warm. Before today, the fastest time I'd ever run 5k was 00:32:00. Going out, my goal was to try beat that, if only by a few seconds. However, less than a mile into the run I could feel how tired my legs were from the 11 mile bike ride yesterday. But I kept going. I figured I could at least try to maintain my 32 minute 5k.
There were a few times that I looked ahead and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, and you know how that can just get inside your head and ruin your entire run. So I pulled my visor down closer to my eyes so that I could only see 10ft in front of me. It worked because I didn't stop or slow down.
I completed the first mile in just under 10 minutes. That excited me, because I knew that I was ahead of myself. It was enough motivation to make me push a little harder. I could vision a little me 1/4 mile behind me and Lordy knows I couldn't let her beat me!  ;)
After a few minutes of pushing harder I wanted to walk ... perhaps I pushed a little too hard. Never-the-less I kept going, determined to beat myself. I got to the half-way point in just over 15 minutes. I was slowing down. But I could still make up time if started trying now. But my legs were aching.
When I could see the end of my run, I checked my watch. I was still winning, so I pushed. I ended up finishing the 5k run in 00:31:13! I was stoked. I had pushed myself hard considering my legs were tired. Funny what we can do when we really try. Unfortunately I felt like I was going to pass out for a brief moment after stopping, but that didn't dampen my spirit.

Beating your own time feels good. But I wasn't even home when I started asking myself if I could beat 31 minutes next time. Because what is 13 seconds?! Nothing really. I have been thinking this entire time, "In a few weeks running will be soooo easy!" ... but if I keep wanting to do better, I need to keep pushing hard, so it will never feel easier. So if some day it does feel like a cake walk, then I'm not pushing myself, and I could do better.

Anyway, I am working a double tomorrow so no running. Guess I have to take at least one day off a week  ;)  
Still feeling my runner's high ... hope you have one too  :)

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  1. Feeling like you are going to pass out means you "emptied your tank"! That is awesome. It is hard to push as hard as you can! Thanks for stopping by my blog.