Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A nice bowl of sore back muscles with a side of stiff arms for breakfast.

I love rolling out of bed in the morning and landing on sore legs. That's when you KNOW you had a good workout the day before. The kind of sore where you need to stretch before you make your way to the kitchen. The kind of sore where you groan just a little bit as all the memories of yesterday's workout come flooding back ... yes, I love that kind of sore :-)

This morning my mid back and triceps were a little tight from the swimming I did yesterday. That gives me hope that I will become a stronger swimmer since it seems I haven't really been using those muscles till now. I was thinking, now that I can make it from one side of the pool to the other that I should try to learn some proper technique. I bet I would use a lot less energy and become a better swimmer faster.

I'm back to running today. I am however going to wait until after my classes at the gymnastics gym because it is just too hot outside, even for the gym. There is nothing like working out to the max and walking outside into an oven ... I think I can wait till evening time!

I am back up to 4 miles ...finally! But I wanted to take my time after the knee injury (which has been feeling fantastic!). I will continue doing 5k loops and a few 4 milers next week before upping it to 5 miles. If this marathon is still going to happen this year then I really need to start making some plans because I am running out of time!

I have set up a pretty strong base now, so I can probably start building on my miles ... I need to planning now!

Upwards and Onwards my fellow athletes with sore muscles ... doesnt it feel gooooooood?!?!?!  :)

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