Monday, August 1, 2011

A fish, I am not ... :-/

I have been trying to get into swimming. I have been to my complex pool a few times now and hope to keep it up. I have spent the majority of my life not being able to swim and fearing the water, but I think that 24 years of that is more than enough.

I am not sure why I have not been able to swim. I have been in multiple swim classes through out my childhood, but it just never stuck. I am fine when I can stand but once out of my dept I start to panic. I also don't like having my head under water because when I cannot breathe, I also start to panic. Living in southern California by the ocean, this is a little ridiculous!

I can now swim clear across the pool, which I couldn't do when I first started, so I am definitely getting stronger and more comfortable in the water. I want to be a somewhat good swimmer for the mud run in 48 days just in case there is a little bit of swimming involved. Of course, just being able to swim in general is good!

Onwards and Upwards my fellow swimmers and non-swimmers alike!

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