Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Becoming more mentally tough.

I haven't had much time to blog in the past few weeks, but I have had time to workout! Despite having three jobs, I have found that there is almost always time, even if it's just a quick 30 minute run. Heck, sometimes it's only a 20 minute run, but guess what ... it's better than absolutely no workout at all.

Yesterday Josh and I hit the treadmills, side by side. Lately I have taken to using the 'Trail Blazer" setting. I enter the maximum speed and maximum incline and it varies both for the amount of time that I entered. Lately I have been doing a maximum speed of 5.5mph, a maximum incline of 2.5 for 30 minutes. On days when I am not working, I try to do 45-60 minutes.
When I was on the treadmill yesterday I wanted to quit after just 5 minutes because I was so mentally and physically exhausted from having worked all day. But once I got past the 10 minute 'brick wall' (a psychological mind-set which tries to get me to give up), I am good for the 30 minutes. The 'brick wall' will try to creep in from time to time, but once you get in the rhythm, it's hard to stop  :)
I think that being able to fight that 'brick wall' is proof that I am growing mentally. I am developing a toughness that helps me push past the difficult moments and continue so that I can succeed. In turn, that success makes me feel more confident in my running, which in turn develops my mental toughness even more.
If I can keep growing mentally, it will become easier to push past the 'weathers' when I start running outside. I don't have much tolerance for the cold, or wind or heavy rain (hahaha, wow!), and so that is something new I will need to learn to push past. Once I am dealing with that stuff, there will be no time to battling with the running 'brick wall'. There will be enough to deal with when it comes to the 'weathers brick walls'!

Anyway, I have a day off work today and so I must run! Happy Running!!!


  1. Check out my recent post entitled Snowy Trail Run. You'd be surprised how rejuvenating runs like this can be. Also, running in inclement weather does toughen you up somewhat. Some of my most satisfying runs after they're said and done are on days when very few people are out. Just be safe. I run during the week at lunch a lot.

    You obviously have to be creative given your crazy schedule. Once and a while, try to sneak out for one of those runs.

  2. Hahaha, being a psychology student must make you be a very interesting runner! Distance runner is 60% mental IMO, so you could definitely be really good if you apply your skills!

    A word about treadmills and ellipticals - I would definitely try and avoid them. They are nothing like running outside on concrete, so you'll get injured extremely easily if you then run outside. Plus they're boring as hell!


  3. Don't worry Luke ... I alternate between running inside and outside. It all depends on the day and how i am feeling. But thanks for the tip :)
    And yeah, I try playing the psychology games all the time, but my excuses are usually stronger haha.

  4. Yeah... rationality tends to go down the crapper when you're actually out there and feel like death would be a better alternative (during a race that is, I DO like running the majority of the time, hahaha).