Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shirtless runners ... I judge you no more!

They sent me home early from work today because I wasn't feeling good (nausea, productive chesty cough and a headache). I have done all the resting I can do without getting restless and think that this is the next best thing. However, I didn't come here to complain about being sick.

So I used to look at female (and sometimes male) runners who hit the road shirtless and think, "The only reason they are shirtless is because they know they are physically perfect and are out to make the rest of us feel bad." Of course I only thought this because I wouldn't go shirtless myself and thought that the women out their in their sports bras showing their abs of steel were enviable.

Of course I will admit that I wish I had abs of steel. But until yesterday all I really did was judge them and secretly wish I was that confident in myself.

So yesterday I was out running in the afternoon. I thought it was a little chilly so I wore a long sleeved shirt over my sports bra. But just 7 minutes into my run I started to heat up fast and realized that the long sleeves were really not helping me. So after about 20 seconds of deliberating with myself, I took off the shirt and wrapped it around my waist. At first I felt a little self-conscious but then I realized how much faster I was running and how much more free I felt.

It felt like my arms had more range of motion and I wasn't heating up so fast. Not to mention the sun's warm rays hitting my stomach and back. It felt fabulous! I can honestly say that I will be doing that again and will no longer judge my fellow shirtless runners!

However, there is one thing I will continue to judge forever and will NEVER take part in. And that is the naked racers. Can you believe that there are entire marathons dedicated to the nudists ... EEK!

Onwards and Upwards my fellow runners .... whether you chose to wear a shirt or not .... as long as you are covered of course!

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