Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Long time no post!

Time has just been getting away from me lately! But not to worry, because I have been running almost every day :)  Its just under a 2 weeks before my 5k cancer run and I am feeling more than ready. Something awesome happened last week ... I reached a personal goal! My goal was to be able to run my 5k in under 30 minutes before the race. Last week I finally did it!!! I ran the 5k in 00:29:40 and just a few days later I ran it in 00:30:03. I was very proud. The runs felt strong  :)  Since I did it those two times (and will do it again before the race) and have no doubt I will succeed during the race with the adrenaline that will be running through my entire body. I am stoked!

I discovered something new this week. Zico coconut water. Only the mango flavor though. Did you know that it has more potassium than and banana? No matter how far or hard I run, a little pouch of the coconut water and I feel amazing. I'm sorry I didnt find it sooner!

My running buddy, Pam, has been awesome. She gets me up on the mornings that I dont want to run and gets me through the tough runs (the mentally tough runs). It's always easier when you have a running buddy!  :)

Anywayz, I want to try blogging more often, especially coming up to the race. But no promises.
Happy Running!

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